Loaded with state-of-the-art technologies, the Lithrone GL640 opened a new page in the history of offset presses. The GL640 is the flagship press in the Komori line, offering high efficiency, quick response to short delivery deadlines, and short-run capability for all types of printing.

The Lithrone GL640 is based on a product concept of painstaking consideration for the environment. The press was developed with this overriding goal as the top priority. Komori believes that a healthy environment depends on mutually beneficial relationships - balancing the needs of people, business, and the planet.


  1. Reduced power consumption

  2. Reduced printing waste

  3. Reduced waste of paper and ink

  4. Reduced use of printing materials and consumables

  5. Reduced use of lubricants and cleaning fluid

  6. Improved printing plant environment

  7. Enhanced control of pressroom environment and dispersion of spray powder


High-speed printing on the full range of stocks. World-class maximum printing speed of 16,500 sheets per hour. The fusion of a new delivery, new feeder and a variety of preset technologies substantially improves high-speed printing stability.


High print quality and improved printing stability through on-press color control. The Lithrone GL640 is capable of consistently maintaining the highest level of print quality with KHS-AI and the new PDC-SX spectrophotometer. The PDC-SX will control the color by measuring the color bars in any position on the sheet. By using printed ‘Mini Spots’ it will also control the register automatically from the first sheet. Using the PQA-S (Print Quality Assessment System) allows automatic control of the color and the image quality on the run, throughout the job.


The Komori GL640 (above) combined with the latest technology in its color control systems make quick work of setup, registration and color.

Controls on the GL-640
The GL-640 Status Screen Showing 16,500 Sheets per Hour