Passion. You can see it in our products and in our faces


Passion is expressed as well in our commitment to excellence. At Meridian, it’s what we live for. And it’s why Meridian professionals are as adept at digital technologies as we are at offset, and as well-versed in brochures as we are in fine art books. Our philosophy is a simple one. Your job is to tell a story, regardless of medium. Ours is to be as resourceful as possible in blending craftsmanship and technology to help you tell your story.

You won’t merely see the difference in the work Meridian does for you.  You’ll actually feel it.


Genuine craftsmanship is a game-changer, and so is the team responsible for it. Team Meridian – from reception to the pressroom to the corner office – is partnership personified. Magnified. And multiplied. Our professionals take your project to heart, because our passion is to bring extraordinary life, relevance and clarity to it. In fact, we pride ourselves on combining professionalism and passion to a degree unique in our industry – to your enduring benefit.


Now in our fourth decade, we thrive on lessons learned. The most important one? You don’t get to the top of your craft – and stay there – unless you’re constantly looking ahead. To us, that means pushing the envelope and welcoming new ideas, techniques and technologies – because that’s what craftspeople do. To you, it means working with a partner for whom excellence is passion. Our history informs our future – and assures your ultimate satisfaction.


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