Vera Lutter – Baldwin Gallery

Vera Lutter a ghost still is like a place was printed to accompany an exhibition at the Baldwin Gallery in NYC in 2011. Lutter’s work from Venice, Italy is showcased in this body of work. Each [...]

The 2016 Blue Apron Gift Guide

Blue Apron is a company that helps to keep families cooking, sharing, and eating together. The concept is very simple; their chefs work with farmers to put together and deliver to your door [...]

Marc Lambrechts – Binocular

Thoughtfully designed, the size and page count of this book make the experience of Marc Lambrechts’ work an intimate one. His constructions, travel assemblages, paintings, and works on paper are [...]

A La Vieille Russie

Elegant. Grand. Rare. All these words aptly describe the pieces printed in these comprehensive catalogues. A family run business originating in 1851 in Kiev, A La Vieille Russie knows their [...]

UMassAmherst – The Book of Yes

As is reflected in the printing and design, UMassAmherst celebrates vibrancy, diversity, their accomplished student body, and impressive academics. In their nine schools and colleges, the school [...]


photograph is dedicated to art photography and photo based art. Each issue includes insightful reviews, artist portfolio’s, short essays, features, a vast exhibition list, resource section, [...]

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